Rebranding- The Ugly Truth

Updated: Jan 18

Here it is guys. The ugly truth. Sometimes, just sometimes, your friends and family aren’t going to support you. They won’t always be behind you and be fully aware of what all you put into your business. AND THAT’S OKAY. You know why? Because your dreams aren’t your friends and family’s dream.

Honestly, going into Rebranding I had a long mental break down and had to weigh out my options and reasons why. I thought my husband and friends were going to be there for me and help me do events. I mean, they wanted to, but it’s just not their passion, like it is mine. I decided to rebrand because I felt that I no longer had a calling to do events, but wanted to try only weddings. I started as a Full Event business. From baby showers, to birthday parties, to weddings, I was doing it all, but honestly, my heart wasn’t in it anymore when I had people around me who said they would be there and help, and then would not show up the day of, and so on.

This was my Wake-Up call. YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DO LOVE YOU STILL. THEY STILL WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCESSFUL, but my business wasn’t their calling. So, I decided to go into a business doing only weddings! Where I speaclialize in Wedding Planning and Design. If I didn’t have this whirl-wind of a ride, I would’ve never realized my true calling. I am so freaking good at weddings. At managing other people and helping other people see a vision they once thought was a dream. While still maintaining a great life and relationship with those friends and family members who let me down.

I needed that very thing to create this business. Failure. It built me back up and help me create a brand that no one could take away from me. No one but myself can make me look bad. No one but myself can pull all this together with the vision I had for my clients, or they had in mind!

And this is my story. The story behind Bluebird Events- Wedding Planning and Design. (Previously Fitts Weddings and Events)

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