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How to Have a Wedding on a Budget

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I see so many brides who want a fabulous, over the top, wedding, for little to no cost. Wedding cost comes at a shock for many brides, but here’s how you can prepare yourself for what to expect, and still get everything you want in your wedding!

DIY it. It’s not always a bad thing to DIY your wedding. Centerpieces are always so much fun to DIY. Grab a few bridesmaids or family members, and get crafty! If you’re not a crafty person, guess what, THAT’S OKAY. Centerpieces as simple as a slab from a tree that’s fallen, or a small round mirror, mason jars with some flower arrangements, lanterns, graduated cylinders with nothing but water and tea lights inside, there are so many endless possibilities!

If you’re not a crafty person and just don’t have it in you to DIY, then hire a Wedding Designer or a Planner! Believe it or not, your Wedding Planner can save you money! We can negotiate the pricing of your vendors + create your DIY inspirations for you. Wedding Planners are your budget keepers. We strive to keep you within your means, but also want you to truly love what you walk into. Planners have vendors they work closely with, that they have connections with, and know what vendors are within your budget, already. We can break it down for you to let you know the average cost of what the services you are looking for, will cost.

Skip the Favors. Honesty, no one truly cares about the favors. They get left 75% of the time. Your wedding will be memorable regardless of the Favors! I‘ve seen people spend a thousand dollars or more, just to have it all left on the tables at the end of the night. Instead, get glow sticks and get everyone to the dance floor to party!

Think about your Guest List. As much as we can negotiate, there is some things we can’t change, like the catering minimum. If you have a smaller budget, you will not be able to have a large guest list. The lowest cost catering options are Mexican Buffets, which average around $8 a person. But, who doesn’t love tacos?! If you are renting dinnerware, you’re looking at a minimum of $5 per person. Amazon has great plasticware thats heavy duty and super stylish! I recommend these options that are super budget friendly and so so cute! Remember, the bigger your guest count, the more you will be spending.

Think Off Season. We all love the spring and fall weddings... but off season is not as demanding for venues or vendors, and you can get deals for it being a slower time for some vendors! Saturday weddings are also a thing of the past. Saturday’s are the most expensive wedding day. Why? The convenience of course! Rarely does someone have to worry about work the next day, or being able to get off, but Friday/Sunday weddings, are just as fabulous, and you spend, on average, 30% less!

Fake it. If you want a budget friendly bouquet, choose it fake! You can resell fake flowers to get a return. As much as I love real flowers, staying on budget is more important! Foam flowers from Ling’s Moments are so trendy and affordable! They look so realistic in pictures, too! Also, did you know, you can have a styrofoam cake made for a super low cost that looks just like a real cake? Styrofoam cakes save you a ton of money, and adding a sheet cake for your guest, is super budget friendly! Let your catering staff cut the sheet cake in the back and serve it to guest, nobody’s going to know!

Make sure your venue provides tables/chairs. The more your venue provides, the cheaper it will be in the long run. Rental cost for tables/chairs run on average $10 a table and $2 a chair. You have a guest list of 200? That’s an additional $600 minimum, yikes... Not to mention the additional expenses of delivery + all the linens you will need.

Lastly, forget the open bar. Almost feels like a sin to even say, but if it’s not in your budget and you want to provide alcohol still, think about a cash bar. So many people have normalized open bars, but the cost behind it, can add up quickly. Cash bars give you the opportunity to make a little bit of the money back, plus not have to stress about how much people drink.

If none of these fit your wants, for your wedding, consider an Elopement! There is no reason to go in debt for a wedding. Weddings are celebrations with all your closest friends/family, you can opt for a Ceremony only style wedding, and save a ton! Or plan a destination elopement + airfare, for the same cost as a local wedding. It’s your day! Completely your decision on what works for you and your budget. All that truly matters at the end of the day, is that you’re walking away married with the person you love and adore most! Enjoy your wedding planning and make the best out of any budget given!



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