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Trends We Will See In 2022

2021 was a breath of fresh air, with bright whites, tons of greenery, all brides switching to the bohemian styles (which we love), pastels for spring, rust for fall, and tons of Christmas brides! But what are we predicting/seeing trend for 2022?

2022 is predicted to be the biggest wedding year in 40 YEARS. 2.6 Million weddings. That’s insane right?! So what exactly will be “in trend“ this year, and what’s being thrown out?

MY BIG FAT WEDDING. Elopements seem to be fading and big huge weddings are in! We are now able to celebrate together again and brides aren’t taking no for an answer! They are going ALL out. Oversized weddings are all the rave. I haven’t booked one wedding with under 100 guest for 2022. 2020/2021 trends were more intimate and will surely be missed, but it’s time to celebrate again!

Virtual Save the Dates. Who actually, truly cares about save the dates. Just throw the whole dang thing out in 2022. Virtual Save the Dates help save a little bit of $$$, which is super in. Reaching out to your guest list, checking in, letting them know about your event, in real time, is much simpler and stress free. Also, no stress of snail-mail and if your Save the Dates ever even arrived. Everyone has a phone, and it’s super easy to just send a quick text or e-vite to someone, and send physical copies of invitations, RSVP’s, and meal tickets. I’m all for this trend.

COLOR IS BACK BABY. That’s right, color. We missed you, you precious thing. So were not going over the top, but little pops of color are fantastic. We’re seeing tons of colored candle sticks, and all different blues! Blue may be the color of 2022.

Themed Parties. Themed parties have always been a fantastic trend. Who doesn’t love a good untraditional, themed wedding though? Disco meets boho has to be my all time favorite 2022 trend. We’ve seen masquerades, whimsical gardens, citrus, Bollywood, beauty and the beast, the list goes on! Do you have a non traditional theme, planned for your 2022 Wedding?

We aren’t throwing gold out, we’re just adding our friend silver. Antique finishes, old world meets modern, maybe even some mismatch antique dishware.

British - Bridgerton Inspired Weddings. Netflix took to it for 2022. Over the top floral, larger-than-life ballrooms, big bows, and poofy dresses. Yes, that’s what’s in for 2022. Oh yeah, with a splash of that beautiful blue that 2022 brought us.

Anyone else noticed pearls are back in? From them being on our favorite headband, to the sleeves of a bodysuit, or the buttons to your top, it’s in. We are projecting to see more pearls in 2022 weddings.

Bohemian, rust colored weddings are not going anywhere. Just in time to start more terracotta, pampas grass vibes. Let’s be honest, this is a yearly trend, not just a fall trend! But we are kicking the all white/tons of greenery to the curb and taking in the bright and fearless colors that 2022 gave to us! Let’s see what this year holds!



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